Design-driven developer focused on making React products and empowering users through web applications.

Danilo Woznica


UI garden


About me

A Brazilian living in Porto, Portugal. I'm a front-end developer with a design background and more than ten years of experience creating digital products. Over the past few years, I've been enjoying building React web applications and empowering developers through my contributions to open-source projects.

  • I see code as a tool for design. What I build is meant to solve real users' problems, and I strive for the best solution and the most polished experience. I'm a coworker on the design team.

  • I'm obsessed with the problem. I like engaging in activities that require me to dive deep into the uncertainty, from small details to big problems.

  • I prioritize honest and pragmatic communication. No ego, no assumptions. My words will always be well-intentioned, even if direct.

  • I'm a self-starter. I can find my way through the uncertainty, set priorities, share learning, stay focused and make plans.

  • I have an outstanding curiosity. I'm always looking to learn more and understand the exotic, the undiscovered, or the unmapped.

  • I'm a fast-paced problem-solver. In challenging moments, I can wear as many hats as needed. There are moments when the job needs to get done.

  • I want you to be involved in my creation process. While I can move quickly alone, we can achieve much more as a team.