Hi, I'm Danilo Woznica

I’m a 25-year-old UI developer with 8+ years of professional experience with large and medium-sized projects. I’m currently working in Porto, Portugal.

I graduated in Design but I’ve worked as a developer for at least 8 years in creative agencies, medium-sized startups, and the biggest Brazilian e-commerces. As a front-end developer focused on design and interfaces, I'm concerned about many details such as user experience, other developers and the final customer, on all lines of code that I write.

I look at each challenge as a design problem which I should solve with collaboration and interaction among the teams I work with, user cases and the right amount of code. I'm passionate about JavaScript, CSS and smooth transitions on interfaces. Nothing brings me more joy than building design systems, building interfaces that challenge me and trying new things.

In my free time, I enjoy writing about design and development and creating open source projects to solve some of the problems that many people around the world probably have too.

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Dear designers, love your developers because they’ve learned display grid — and you’ve done it too

Dear designers, love your developers because they’ve learned display grid — and you’ve done it too

Depending on your journey as a designer, you may be used to the freedom that graphic media allows: to create overlaps/overlays or to elaborate compositions and grids that fill all the paper with pretty organized photos and texts. However, why is it so hard to build a web page with this same freedom? Fortunately the capacity to build these layouts have been improving and what’s best: it is so simple that you can start using it right now!

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